Musculoskeletal Problems

Acupuncture May Help

• Aches and Pains
• Joints and Muscles
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Soft Tissue Injury
Often the area is swollen, bruised and sore. The patient often doesn't feel the needles probably because there is so much pain involved already. Moxa to the area is useful and helps decrease the swelling.

Patient Comment:
What I found was the initial swelling was the worst and the acupuncture helped shift that swelling and consequently relieved a considerable amount of pain. – Robyn Brown, Auckland

Groin, Hip and Thigh Pain
Sometimes a larger area of pain is presented in clinic. It 's not just the lower back or outside (lateral) area of the leg but involves medial and lateral aspects. This is where acupuncture can be it's most useful to unwrap the problem by using chinese theory to a deeper level. Chinese theory is not just putting the needles into the painful area or into trigger points. It's a complex system that takes years to learn. Those students whom have procured a 4 year degree learn this theory.

Patient Comment: I found the Acupuncture definitely helped not only with easing of the groin pain but also relieving the severe nerve pain going down my legs, which is still only occasionally a problem now. I would definitely recommend anyone with any sort of lower back or leg pain at least try this treatment to see if it would work for them. – Sybil Woolmore, Auckland

The Elderly
Sometimes Older people are sometimes reluctant to try new things and having needles inserted into their skin is no exception. However for those brave enough to try something new the rewards for older people is just as good! Aches and pains that won’t go away, respond better to heat and worse in winter, it might be worth to try acupuncture.

Patient Comment: I decided to try acupuncture for pain in my lower back and groin. Delighted with outcome! Jacqueline Dawson. 78yrs old. Auckland

Patient Comment: I have been with Angelique for a couple of years now, for various aches and pains when they arrive and am very happy with her treatments. I found Angelique to be knowledgeable and professional. She is very compassionate and personable and her approach is holistic. Not only does she treat you physically but she also considers the person as well when making assessment. I am very lucky to have found Angelique. Ester Nicu. 77 yrs old

Pain Management
Sometimes when aches and pains have been around for a long time the pain becomes chronic and acupuncture does not get rid of the pain completely but gives some short term relief. Acupuncture can then become part of a pain management plan. Some of these people are awaiting an operation or they don’t want to use oral pain relief or they want to minimize their pain relief.

Patient Comment: I am reluctant to use pharmaceutical drugs to relieve my chronic pain so I use acupuncture instead. It doesn’t take the pain away completely and the pain comes back but it is part of my management strategy. Annalise Segat. Auckland

Patient Comment: I recommend to all my family and friends to see Angelique for any aches and pains. Briar Millar. Auckland

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