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Acupuncture Post Operation/Surgery
Operations and surgeries are hard on the body. Some people choose acupuncture and moxa to help with recovery.

Patient Comment: "I had a cervical laminoplasty operation to fix four slipped discs in my neck. This was a long and deeply invasive surgical procedure, and I was on my back for about a month afterwards, before gingerly starting to walk over the following month. Recovery was obviously slow, and the pain was extremely intense at first, and persisted for several months. In the third month I started having acupuncture twice a week with Angelique, and it made a huge difference. It reduced the pain significantly so I could ease up a lot on the heavy-duty pain killers, which had been slowly creating an ulcer in my stomach - so that was a godsend. And it also sped up the rate my nerves were healing after having been sliced through in the surgery – noticeably less spasms after treatments. Finally it helped the rest of my organs compensate for no exercise, lots of medication, and the big healing burden my whole body was under – I always felt refreshed after each session." Hoop Arkwright, Auckland

Treatment of the Common Cold
When I first read about Chinese medicinal theory on colds and flu, I thought “how odd”. Now I can’t think of a more simplistic way to treat the common cold. Simplifying the theory which was first written by Zang Zhong Jing about 150 BC, the common cold is divided into two stages. The first of these is wind-cold, while the second is wind-heat. As the cold progresses, so do the stages and each stage has its own set of acupuncture points and herbs if needed. Some patients choose to come in regularly so as to prevent the virus from taking hold or just before the season changes or when they get a suspicious tickle in their throat.

I am often asked if I can cure the cold once they are infected. Sorry -not possible. I seem to be able to relieve symptoms presented and patients tell me they got better quicker than they expected.

I have noticed over the last several years’ patients presenting with headache and tiredness that has lasted several days, and after examination I diagnose a possible viral infection, probably a cold that hasn’t got the other common symptoms of runny nose, aches and pains, fever etc. If you have these two persistent problems that won’t go away it may be useful to see your local acupuncturist, and they can tell the likelihood of you fighting this common virus.

Self help
Some vitamins that may help are vit c, d, zinc and selenium. Soils in New Zealand don’t seem to be as well-nourished in zinc and selenium and we tend not to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as we ought. Routine blood testing is revealing lower vit d levels than expected. We are a nation very cautious of melanoma and for good reason. If you think you might be low, try supplementing. If you have a sore throat, try gargling with salt water. Always spit the water out. Drink plenty of fluids. Chicken soup for recuperation and don’t forget to get to bed early.

Patient Comment: I have made it a habit now of visiting Acupuncture Health before the change of season as I am prone to getting colds and getting them bad. I still get colds but they don’t seem to debilitate me like before and I always feel good after treatment. Sheryl Wu. Auckland






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