Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) includes 4yr full-time degree in Chinese Medicine
• Diploma Nursing (NZRN)
• Member of NZ Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA)
• ACC provider


About Angelique

Angelique was born in Auckland is married to Leon and together they have three children.
Angelique qualified with a diploma in nursing in Feb 1989 (3-year, full time) from Waikato Polytechnic and nursed mostly in the medical field.

After many years of battling her own health problems she came across acupuncture and found it worked very well for her and decided if she had the opportunity she would study this amazing art and science that had been helping people for thousands of years. That dream was realized by the opening of the School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Auckland by Olatunji an African American who had emigrated here and supported by his wife Karuna. The study was 4yrs long and arduous especially with 3 young children but her husband took over the running of the household so she could complete her degree.

In Nov 2002 Angelique completed her degree and has been working in the industry ever since.
Passionate about keeping the community healthy she feels she has the best employment to carry out her dreams.
Angelique enjoys treating aches and pains and is delighted ACC has endorsed acupuncture.
She has developed a sizable fertility clientele and works particularly hard with these couples to get the best results for them.

Ongoing education is important to Angelique and she attended many workshops with talented specialists including Matt Callison, Phil McQween, Debra Betts, Jane Lyttleton, and in 2011 completed a research proposal on Acupuncture and IVF. She is also a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists one of the few organizations which endorses a 4 year full time qualification.

Angelique's Philosophy:
My thoughts on Chinese medicine at Acupuncture Health... an art, a science, a way of life. Insertion of the finest needles into skin and underlying tissue, tucked up warm on a racey purple massage table, gently lit up, with music in the background, discussing the musings of the week. It is what that person needs at that point in time. It's not magical or miracle causing. It's gentle and peaceful. For some it unlocks a past pain, others are lulled to sleep, others it's a means to an end, of an ache or pain somewhere. It looks at every aspect of the person. Body, mind and emotion. Discussions how food, exercise and peaceful relationships can contribute to health. It's about taking responsibilty for ones own health and it's about hope of another way.




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Auckland 1025

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